Floating Concoctions


There’s a lot one can do with paper quilling. And believe me, it’s a rattling good hobby to pursue.I had posted some of my creations on perkypulp.wordpress.com in the past few days. This one is a rather new creation, which I call “Floating Temptations”. Yeh, yeh, I know water wets paper, but there’s gotta be a way around this.

I came across some exquisite floating candles on my last visit to a home and furniture store. Just then I thought to myself, why not have floating quilled flowers since quilling creations are very light (being made of paper). But I had to find a way to keep the paper flowers floating on water. So I grabbed a couple of plastic lids (which I wasn’t using anyway) and placed the fringed flowers on it. I used double-sided tape to secure the flowers to the plastic lid.

I filled a glass bowl with water and gently placed the lid on the water. I used a mixing bowl for the purpose. But you could take a shallow bowl and I bet it’s going to look just awesome.

Fringed flowers are not tough to make. All you need to do is cut a broader paper strip. Then with the help of scissors, fringe the ends (make sure you don’t cut all the way through). Make a tight coil and wrap (and glue as you proceed to make sure the flower does not unwrap) the fringed paper around the coil. The coil becomes the flower center and the fringed ends, petals. Open the petals. Your fringed flower creation is ready. You can vary the designs by cutting fringes at an angle, taking two paper strips of different widths such that you get two distinct rows of petals. I have experimented with a few designs- here they are for your viewing.

IMG_3205This is how they look as Floats. You can go the extra mile and make papers leaves too. We always welcome a dash a green around us.


IMG_3231 IMG_3230 IMG_3234 IMG_3233 IMG_3226

There are more creations coming up. Stay tuned… and keep creating!!

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