How to make Fringed Flowers…


This is a tutorial (in pictures) on how to make these amazing looking fringed flowers. This comes as a request from my sister who read my previous post and was eager to make these flowers…or in her words “almost gerberas”.

The pictures are self-explanatory. Just play with the colors and papers. I’m sure you’ll definitely come up with something just as good.. or even better.

Start making the coil first. I used two tones of paper in this example.


Fringe the ends of the paper strip. Apply glue on the unfringed end of the paper strip and roll the coil over the strip and proceed wrapping the strip over the coil. I used to tones and two widths of paper for the petals as well. The last step is simply to open up the petals. And your fringed flower is ready.  Hope you like it, sis!


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