La vida bonita

La vida bonita. After all.

No matter how much you suffer (or think to suffer) in life, it is beautiful. I have always felt that God has put more ‘bad luck’ eggs in my basket than anyone else. I have borne troubles that generally people of my age don’t. Or so I think. On my very recent trip to my homeland (which was more a spiritual one), I thought of discussing “life” with my mother. Having a spiritual conversation with her is something which I have never in my 28 years done before. We used to have a gamut of conversational topics (cooking, weight loss, actors, movies, politics, clothes, and all the rest, which all you mother-daughter duos know what I mean), to talk about but we never treaded the spiritual path together, which was more than refreshing (than odd). What she told me is something I will never forget in my life. As she spoke, I could see some sadness in her eyes and she probably was thinking that wish she could never have had to have this ‘talk’ with me, wish we could still talk about movies, recipes, et al. She told me that we come in to this world with our own baggage and we have to carry it all along. You drop your bags and you succumb to your problems and let them get the better of you; you carry it (don’t lug) and you have the strength to face your challenges rather than running and hiding away from them. Because ultimately there is no escape. Just listening to mother gave me a heightened sense of courage and rejuvenated my spirit. In the two months that I spent at home, she would tell me this every other day till she felt that her words were not falling on deaf ears and she could actually see the ‘firmer’ me. We came back to our recipe discussions and the do nots in cooking, and I’m glad that I turned out to be a better cook than I was.

Observing the dialogues that my mother and I were having, and happy that there were topics to which even my father could contribute (just kidding, Dad), he unfolded yet another fact of life in front of me saying that God gives troubles to those who have to strength to face them. This linked up very well with what my mother told me about our baggages. So really the baggage we carry is commensurate with our endurance limit. Everyone out there who feels that their troubles are surmounting the Mt. Everest, feel special, feel blessed that God has made you so powerful. Don’t sulk because it’s time to fight your battles. You were born a winner. Savor your success. Life is more than beautiful, after all.